Create a Butterfly Effect

Some would have us believe that we have very little power as individuals. After all, in a world of 7.5 billion people what can one person accomplish? But nothing can be further from the truth.  Even one positive act creates a “butterfly” effect that ripples across the world. Do whatever you can to impact your sphere of influence. Encourage others to be civil human beings — largely by living by example, by begin a giver instead of a taker. Join best-selling author and counselor-to-thousands Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a short & inspiring message about making personal choices to build a more moral world.

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This is an excerpt from: What a Civilized Society Looks Like

Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
How to Become a Giver in a World of Takers
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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1 year ago

Amen 🙂 Moshiach now! Very blessed to have you all and all you do. Thank you!

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