Raising Real Men

What defines healthy masculinity? This question has emerged. perhaps more than ever before, in our generation.

Is masculinity about power, aggression and strength — the historical view of the man as the unwavering pillar that the family and community rely on for security and confidence? Is vulnerability in men a weakness, as in true men don’t cry? Or is that an unhealthy stereotype and expectation that has developed over time, one that has evolved into a male hierarchical society with men taking advantage of their superior physical strength and subjugating women under their control? This in turn has caused the rise of feminism rebelling against this unfair balance of power, which has also challenged men, especially with the recent rise of the Me Too movement to reassess their healthy role in society, sexuality, relationships and family life.

Some even argue that as a result men have gone too far to the other extreme. They have become emasculated and lost their sense of strength and confidence, turning wimpy and weak as the male stereotype is under assault. And as the vicious cycle continues, we are also witness to a backlash of men trying to regain and reclaim their raw manhood, through male-bonding programs that encourage strenuous work, sweating  and learning to grunt again.

No wonder there is so much confusion about gender roles and sexual identity, whether it be male or female. How are we to discover the healthy masculine identity? What is natural and inherent and what is acquired and superimposed by parental, social and other influences? And how are parents to raise their boys to become real, productive and healthy men?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he first retraces the roots of the original male archetype, then identifies the factors and causes that has distorted the masculine role, finally coming away with practical and actionable methods to realign the boy or man you are today to your natural template — a balanced combination of strength and sensitivity, power and vulnerability, confidence and humility. Discover how to become the best man you could ever be and nurture your boys to become the best men they could ever be.

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