The Secret Power of Your Birthday

Some of our greatest assets are with us all the time, and yet we may not notice them. We often look far and wide for answers and powers to help face challenges and improve our lives, when in fact we have all the resources we need but are unaware of their existence.

One of your most potent powers is… your very own birthday. Every one of us has a birthday, and it contains enormous strength.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this special birthday workshop and discover the awesome strength of your birthday — the strength to dramatically transform virtually every aspect of your life.

Download your free Birthday Guide!

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Rebecca Singer
7 years ago

Great program on birthdays. Mine is October 24th, 1954. Rebecca Singer

Rivka kaplan
7 years ago

Loved this class! My birthday is 27th Adar

Gloria Maharaj
1 year ago
Reply to  Rivka kaplan

I enjoyed your teaching
My Birthday 🎂 was may 6
Great teaching. I now know my life is not in vain

7 years ago

Wonderful class! Thank you so much.

7 years ago

as usual

Talya Nay
7 years ago

19 Sivan. thank you for the encouragement.

adrian Ickowicz
7 years ago

dear Rav Jacobsen

Wonderful lecture as always!!

Mazal Tov for your and your son Mendel’s birthdays!!

My birthday is 28th december, and my Hebrew birthday is
24th Tevet, which this year falls on sunday 22 jan 2017…..

I truly gain wonderful insights from your lectures, as I know many, many others do…

Ya’ar Sh’coach for your truly enlightening lectures/talks!

4 years ago

G-d says: “YOU matter, not things about you, but YOU as a whole person. But because YOU matter, all what you think, what you feel and what you do are significant for Me.”

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