Secret of Secrets

It’s commonly accepted today that beneath our consciousness lies our subconscious or unconscious (the term Freud preferred). But what lies beneath our unconscious? If the unconscious affects our conscious lives, how does our un-unconscious shape our unconscious states? Since we are already at it, how deep down can we travel into our inner selves? What would we discover once we got there? And what impact would it have on our lives? Can we, for example, rewire our innermost un-unconscious dimensions to eliminate fear or anxiety? How about trauma: Can we revisit a place in our psyches that precedes a shocking experience and create new channels to our consciousness? By doing that can we find new wellsprings of hope and confidence? What other benefits can be derived from accessing the un-unconscious?

The questions are endless and the implications nothing less than revolutionary. Quantum mechanics allowed us to access the sub-atomic world, releasing enormous and unprecedented energy forces that have transformed our lives. What forces can be released by accessing our “quantum” unconscious states, and how could it be used to change our lives?

Would you be surprised to hear that Chanukah carries the answer to these questions? Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating Chanukah workshop and discover the mystery of pure oil, how it reflects the un-unconscious — actually the supra-supra-conscious, and how Chanukah can help us all uncover not just the secrets, but the secrets of the secrets of your soul. Imagine being able to reach into the deepest place within yourself, and learning how to channel that into your conscious life and relationships?

Free Chanukah Guide

The Kabbalah of Chanukah

Your free guide to a meaningful Chanuka with insights from Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of the best-seller Toward a Meaningful Life, and Rabbi Yanki Tauber, author of Inside Time.

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