You Were Sent to Earth With a Mission

Your soul was sent to Earth with a purpose. Are you living up to it? If you want to change your life, start with that question. You can’t get anywhere without a mission statement, and here is the basis of how to find yours.

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Find Your Life’s Purpose and Your Personal Mission


Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
How Do I Find My Calling in Life? (What is Your Why?)
Wednesday, September 6, 2023 @8:30pm
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7 years ago

I really love this perspective! Accountability and responsibility are really a blessing, I usually cringe when I have to be accountable, but this re-frames it so beautifully.

Judy Beltz
7 years ago

The last seconds were cut off
This often happens on Wednesday night also the last few seconds or minutes I’ll cut off

10 months ago

I want to find my mission

Richard W McCarthy
8 months ago

Encountering great obstacles, I felt like giving up. However, I had a near death experience, and it seems that I was returned to persevere and to deal with trials & tribulations in a more proper way. Things worked out in miraculous ways. Hallelujah!

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