Solar Eclipse: The Mystical Meaning with Simon Jacobson

Discover the deeper meaning of the solar eclipse, based on 4000 years of wisdom from the Jewish Mystics. Rabbi Simon Jacobson, a best-selling author and renowned scholar of Kabbalah and Chassidus, shares insights on the meaning of the solar eclipse that are understandable to people of all backgrounds.

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Nancy Di Giorgio
6 years ago

Thank you. I had no one to express my wonder about this lunar solar eclipse. Your comments are so what I have thought and felt, especially about the Masculine and Feminine and the coming together of both. The point you made about receiving is so accurate. Giving is quite controlling. We get to choose who what when and how. Receiving for many is scary – it is out of our control.

Living the 2nd act of the Biblical Job with as many losses in my quest to re-invent me to live authentically, I had to resurrect my trust and that I was loved. More I had to heal my shame as I was the one who always gave and I had to end ALL concern of what other’s thought of me. The root was I did not feel deserving.Like Job I found my innocence thus I was able to heal the inner child ‘s programming.

This eclipse signaled the return of the equality and beauty of me as a whole being. I am ready to live the 3rd Act of Job where he got everything back. He became a receiver. I have a new composure and feel LIGHT – the weight of the past is gone. For many years I have been a student of the Kabbalah. D’aath has been a constant inspiration – reminding me I am a Tree – a tree receives the light of the sun and moon and if a dog lifts a leg – so what – they are just doing what dogs do and it has nothing to do with me! I can laugh and forgive, bless and thank me and all for all. The profound power of attitude that is choice. Blessings to Victor Frankel and all your wisdoms. Thank you!

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