Speechless: Beyond Words

What is more powerful: words or silence? In a world inundated and hyper-stimulated by words — spoken, broadcast, texted, published — have we forgotten the golden power of silence? In a loud and noisy world that is submerging us in every possible sound, are we able to discern the subtle music? What are we missing amidst all the turbulence? 3327 years ago this week Moses was shown the new moon. But what exactly did he see? We are familiar and comfortable with defined entities — a full moon, a quarter moon, a crescent. But what does a new moon look like? For that matter, what does a birthing look like? We are accustomed to states of being — before or after. But what does a transition look like? And what does silence sound like?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this 27 Adar/HaChodesh workshop and take a journey into the world beyond sight and sound, where Discover how the deepest sounds and the truest sights are beyond our natural scope, and the way to access them is by leaving your comfort zone. Learn how to find your innermost truths by reaching a place that is beyond sound and silence, beyond the visible and the invisible, and coming back to tell about it, by bridging the two worlds — expressing the inexpressible and seeing the unseeable.

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