Sweetening Severities: How to Deal with Difficulties

Who is immune from suffering? Who has not had to deal, at some point, with pain and loss? Life, with all its blessings, inevitably comes along with its share of challenges. What is far less common is finding the direction and fortitude to navigate through the storms and darkness, to find hope when all seems bleak, to forge ahead even when you are drained, to grow despite the strangling loneliness. Is there a formula for dealing with life’s shadows?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this penetrating Chof Av workshop and discover the gripping story of a man who despite his tremendous suffering epitomized superhuman strength and resilience, demonstrating for all of us the meaning of dignity and offering us powerful lessons in how to deal with our own challenges and difficulties, and sweeten the severities of life. With a rare closeup of this man’s tribulations, through his own words in a fascinating note penned in the depths of his abyss, we can get a glimpse at suffering as seen through the eyes of this great mystic, providing us with a “formula,” if there ever was one, for traveling through the darkest moments.

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