The Kabbalah of Fire

Do you know your personality type? Would you like to learn how to harness your strengths and channel your weaknesses? How to maximize your potential and become the best you can possibly be?

If you want to discover and actualize yourself in new ways, please take advantage and tune in to this new free 4-part course: Four Elements Within You, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson. Each of these four session lays out one of the four archetypes which define every one of us:

Fire: Passion, Illumination, Warmth, Transcendence, Restlessness
Wind: Breath, Flexibility, Lightness, Interconnection, Change
Water: Moisture, Sensitivity, Growth, Immersion, Selflessness, Humility
Earth: Grounding, Foundations, Roots, Security, Steadfastness

Each class explores the positive and negative facets of each element, and offers methods and tools to evaluate yourself, together with practical exercises to implement an action plan.

This first part, The Kabbalah of Fire, focuses on developing the power of fire — cultivating the positive forces of passion and the fiery personality, while also taming the negative fires of burning rage and aggression.

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Tanya Dollery
3 years ago

This has been so enlightening. I will be sharing this with my family and friends.
Thank you so much Rabbi Jacobson.

The Meaningful Life Center