The Desolate Mountain: When Nothing is Everything. A Pre-Nine Days Workshop

What has more power — a magnificent metropolis or a desolate wilderness? A brilliant star or a black hole? A container filled to the brim or a vacuum? Sound or silence? An aggressive shove or a slight touch? Selfishness or selflessness? If you wanted to give an unprecedented gift to someone you love dearly where would you hide it — in a bright and obvious place, or in a dark and hidden crevice? Some of the greatest events in history, ones that have changed the world forever, occurred in places that are now total wastelands. Conversely, some of the most beautiful and vast palaces standing on earth are today merely shadow reflections of the past, having no impact on the present and future. What is more potent — the wealthiest museum filed with historical relics, or a humble moment in the present? A dead ghost of a great warrior or the giggle of a living child?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening Nine Days Workshop and discover that the mightiest power lays buried in the most unglamorous places. Learn the deceptive nature of material existence — how gold and glory can be vacuous and insignificant, how the largest things can have no significance, how everything can actually be nothing, and how nothing can be everything. Above all — how your greatest strengths can be found in the least likely place — in the empty spaces of your psyche.

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