The First Rosh Hashana: Where it All Began

Scientists of late have been consumed with tracing the genesis of existence to the Big Bang — to the beginnings of our universe. Why? Because by understanding how and where it all began we can better explain where we are and where we are headed, as well as help us manipulate the forces that shape our world. This truism is axiomatic of all systems and activities: As the head goes, so goes the entire body.

But did you know that this ruling principle originates with Rosh Hashana? Indeed, this is the essence of Rosh Hashana, which means not “beginning” but “head of the year:” The head is the control center — the central nervous system — of the entire body. Time too has a “head” and “mind,” which encompasses and defines the direction of the entire year and all its days.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pre-Rosh Hashana workshop and discover the many mysteries embodied in the “head/mind.” By understanding the potency of the annual “big bang” which takes place on Rosh Hashana — the collective birthday of the universe and the human race — learn how to tap into this “brain” power to shape and transform your coming year.

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