The Healthy Wild Spirit: Purim Workshop

The general view is that in every community, society and culture there are two types of people: Those good souls who follow the rules, abide by standards and in general can be relied upon to build stable and secure homes and workplaces. We won’t call them conformists, but they definitely do not disrupt the status-quo. They can even be seen as monotonous in their consistency. Then there are the free-spirits. Bold and adventurous the Bohemians challenge the norms and push the limits and boundaries. Yet, as their wild spirits cross various lines, they can often turn — or at least be seen as — dangerous.

Which one are you? Perhaps you are a combination of both? Maybe you are a free spirit that has (knowingly or unknowingly) become trapped in a life defined by others demands and expectations; an idealist whose dreams have been suppressed or shattered? A free spirit disguised as a follower? Or are you a really a conformist who was forced to run for your life, and in your flight from your “burning” home, fearful of getting stuck in one place, you are merely an escape artist masquerading as a free spirit? And even more important question: Is this distinction between the two types really true and inherent, or perhaps all of us at the core wild spirits waiting to be freed?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this lively Purim workshop, and discover how Purim can unleash your free spirit. Whether you consider yourself tame and content, behaved but trapped, wild but dangerous or a healthy adventurous seeker — Purim has an indispensable lesson for you, that transform how you see yourself and what you accomplish with your life.

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Jacquelyn H Contreras
2 years ago

Brilliant. I applaud this insight. So much unhappiness around me, lively, lovely beings, trapped in impurity and grief. Giving hope and help in real terms, strength to overcome. Bravo Sir.

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