The History of the Holy Land: Truths Revealed and Myths Dispelled

While Israel is at war with its enemies, following the atrocities that took place on October 7th, there is another war raging all over the world. This is the war over truth, a propaganda war filled with misinformation, disinformation, lies and myth.

This war is being fought in the media, on campuses, with protests and videos aimed to manipulate and pull at our heart strings – all vying for control over our minds. And this information war is only amplified by modern technology, incessantly streaming and inundating us with reports and opinions of all colors and stripes. This instantaneous access on live social media and all existing platforms has created unprecedented confusion on a critical mass level. How in the world can one sift through all this conflicting data and contradictory narratives, and figure out what is true, and what isn’t true? Who should we believe? Not only on a breaking news level but also on perspective, on context. Who is the oppressor and who is oppressed? Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator?

This is a war going on in your family, in your home and in your mind.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this critical battle over the truth, and discover how to discern fact from fiction, reality from myth. When we hear so many different and opposing accounts, the only way for intelligent people to find clarity and tackle thorny questions is by digging deeper into the issues and researching the history of the region and its people, based on hard verifiable facts and sources. Instead of buying into subjective — and distorted or outright false — storylines presented by people with agendas, biases and prejudices, it behooves us to directly and transparently review the evidence and come to conclusions based on authentic and critical evaluation.

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Reyzl bat Chana Dina Leah
8 months ago

Thank you so very, very much Rabbi Jacobson! Yes, yes yes! I so wish more people would hear what you have said.

8 months ago

People do not want the truth, as the truth hurts. Truth brings to consciousness the levels of deceit, false teaching, social control and how people are participating in cruelty. The requirement to cleanse from this is difficult as every aspect of life is enmeshed in keeping people confused. It takes determination and strength to turn away from the falsehoods of the world and walk on the path of light and truth.

8 months ago

I’m deducing from everything that the “land” is but a side issue. By making land the issue, all lies can be fabricated and sound believable to the uninformed.

8 months ago

I’m deducing from everything that the “land” is but a side issue. By making land the issue, all lies can be fabricated and sound believable to the uninformed. If they told the truth, that Hamas (with partners Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad,, Hutues, etc.) want to kill every Jew, Christian, and non-Muslim baby, man, and woman in the world, no one would believe them!
Clearly a lie. Who’d be so cruel to do that?

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