The Kabbalah of Earth

The fourth human temperament is earth. Earth reflects the grounded, down to earth personality type. Earth is the foundation of life — the solid, unwavering bedrock that provides the security and trust upon which all life thrives. A tree’s growth and expansion is dependent on it being firmly rooted in the ground. Like Your home and family, especially in your early, formative years serves as your unshakable nest, protecting and nurturing you in its unconditional love and embrace.

These qualities also have their challenges. The earthy personality can at times be too grounded, too predictable — lacking imagination and spirit, vibrancy and spontaneity of truly living life to its utmost. Or too materialistic — consumed with survival, while losing sight of the sublime heaven and beyond. It can also be heavy and melancholic — leading to sluggishness and depression.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson on this grounded journey through earth and its roots. Discover how to redirect even your melancholy toward positive ends. Learn how to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, yet have your head, dreams and aspirations in the sky.

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