The Kabbalah of Global Warming

Climate change and global warming have become buzzwords and trending topics over the past decade, creating physical, political and even fiscal divides. But is this a new phenomenon?

The globe and the climate and even the human population and pollution have been around since the beginning of time. Why has this concept turned into a media show, often revealing hypocrisy and anger amongst us? With so much noise and personal and political agendas, the actual problem gets lost in the shuffle, and with lack of clear direction and true clarity we all end up suffering.

So what does the Torah and Kabbalah tell us about global warming? Where should we stand and how should we react? Do our personal actions even make a dent with the billions of people on this planet?

As decent human beings, we all have a responsibility to each other and to our world – including the environment which we both contribute to and cohabitate. Every single thing in creation – animal, mineral and vegetable included – has a divine energy and purpose which must be taken care of and treated properly.

Join Rabbi Jacobson as he delves into the topic and teaches us that we must protect our environment, our G-d given environment, and use it not only responsibly, but also productively, to create a better world for us and for our children.

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Michael Lomotey
1 year ago

Thank you Rabbi. I must respond to one point please. 99% of climate scientists are very clear that there is human caused climate change and the threat to the sanctity of life is very real.

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