The Kabbalah of Tattoos

Theme: You Cannot Turn Back the Clock

“Kabbalah of Tattoos” — say what?! What in the world can the Kabbalah possibly say about tattoos?! What mystical significance can tattoos possibly have, particularly considering that tattoos are explicitly prohibited in the Torah (“You shall not etch a tattoo on yourselves”)?!

Please join Rabbi Jacobson and discover some surprising and illuminating insights into the nature of tattoos and their psycho-spiritual impact on our bodies and souls. Learn how tattoos of all types — literal and physical ones, as well as emotional wounds and scars — affect our lives, and how we can transcend them in our quest for living meaningful and mission-driven lives.

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Ajasus Christus
4 years ago

When will the new version of Bible come out? You keep quiting that nonsense from your stone age books. They are outdated and only serve nostalgia. That’s why you guys don’t have much to do with God anymore you can’t let go and keep holding on to the old 🙄 make room for new relationship with God or just keep posing without ever really have felt it.

Marc l'Ours Langlois
1 year ago

Thank you.

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