The Key to a Healthy Parent Child Relationship

When Jacob blessed Joseph’s two sons, he crossed his hands so that his right hand rested on the child on the left, and his left hand rested on the child on the right. When Joseph tried to correct his father, Jacob responded: I am blessing them according to what each child needs.

The question is asked: Why not just switch the children around? Why did Jacob choose to cross his hands instead of moving the children themselves?

We learn from this a most important and valuable lesson in parenting: Don’t move your child, move yourself. Don’t try to change or compare your child to others, but instead change yourself and your way of parenting to suit their specific needs, their unique spirit. You must love, educate and guide them based on who THEY are, not who YOU are.

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Carla Gebelin
3 years ago

With my two children 11 years apart in age, grown adults with their own child/children, this message from divinity comes never too late to nourish and serve the soul, & wisdom. Thank you for this Rabbi Simon Jacobson, thank you deeply.

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