The Physics of Chanukah: Learn How to Shine

The consensus today — in most of our secular world — is that each of us, every organism, every entity, every human, even every gene is inherently selfish. The Selfish Gene is the way Richard Dawkins titled his best-selling book, arguing that everything about existence is driven by the need for its own survival. Even altruism is another form of selfishness, since it helps the organism grow and thrive.

Is this true?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating Chanukah lecture in which he presents an alternative perspective, based on the very nature of light — as understood by the mystics and recently confirmed by modern physics. Discover how the properties of light, so powerfully reflected in the Chanukah flames, teach us the essence of who we are and who are meant to be: Transparent channels of a higher reality.

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Hennelie Van der Westhuizen
3 years ago

Thank you Rabbi! This has warmed my heart!!

3 years ago

Thank you so much for this teaching and the Wisdom you so freely share. I am blessed by every teaching!

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