Rabbi Simon Jacobson Interviews Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of Chabad of Poway: How to Become Stronger in Face of Tragedy

Rabbi Simon Jacobson, in conversation with with Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of Chabad of Poway, will discuss the following topics:
  • Rabbi Goldstein: After your harrowing experience, staring death in the eyes, where do you find the formidable energy and courage to be such a powerful and tireless advocate of spreading light and goodness?
  • How do you stand strong and proud in the face of evil?
  • What can I do to muster strength when all seems lost?
  • How can we not get depressed and demoralized from senseless pain and suffering?
  • Where is G-d in all of this? If G-d protects us all the time and shows us miracles, why did He not protect Lori?
  • Why did you call for a a Moment of Silence? What is that?
  • What can each one if us do to make this world a better place?

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5 years ago

I wish the volume could somehow be raised.
This is wonderful. Gems.
I love the conversation format, Would love more of this style of broadcast.

5 years ago

We live in Jerusalem. Now I am in NY for work. While in NY as well as in Israel besides work also I speak to groups about Jewish history and unrelated topic of plant based eating to heal most illnesses. Some of Rabbi Jacobson’s videos have uplifted my life so much! He is a giant and a legend. This interview with the Poway rabbi was sensitive and holy! I made a shiva call months ago to my neighbor, granddaughter of Bube Sali. She and her family were amazed by my success to console them. They begged me to speak all over my message. I told them no. But I do convey the hints of my success in my other speeches anyhow. The ideas include that faith and clear relationship with holy mortal saints you have had and zi have had. Dozens of years of vapid life experiences of going to malls and frying the brain with media and games has taken a nasty toll on the US teens. I hope you get your opposite strengthening messages to enter core areas if US and of Israel. My efforts have not gone viral to my dismay. So please get that emuna message. Get it out there! Go to malls and public elementary schools as lovers of all people and tell Rabbi Yisroel to make it a project! A program. Get all shlichim to take time inThailand and Texas to have noahude seven values resurrected at booths in malls and elementary public school venues.
This was my passion with a website a designed and articles I wrote and videos I produced. I had no success. Let Your friends and rabbis get it heard: the world has meaning and hope is endless and God is truly defined with ein od milvado not just fir fromme us but fir the Zanzibar lady fishing in the Indian Ocean and the CEI at Amazon dot com
Good luck
I am here to help you spread this messiah and resurrection style program. Bubby Chana Tova Sokol

5 years ago

Best message

Shana Segall
5 years ago

really powerful interview! Amazing

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