What Are Your Three Greatest Passions?

Being subjective, especially when it comes to yourself, poses a dilemma: how can you determine whether you are on the right track in your life? How do you know whether you are investing your time and energy in the best possible way?

Answering this question is not a mere academic exercise. It can ensure that you make better decisions in virtually every area of your life. It can help you find more focus in your endeavors, and more time in your busy day to do the things you really enjoy. Do you often feel adrift; feeling that instead of you being at the wheel, outside forces — job pressures, expectations, your routines and circumstances — have taken control your life? Do you feel that time keeps passing you by and you have no real sense of direction or purpose? The reason we find it difficult to create change is because it’s like trying to shift course when we are driving at 90 miles an hour and are blinded by our current involvements.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening workshop as he poses three questions that are guaranteed to help you see yourself in a new way (and may even jolt you a bit…). Ask yourself: What are your three greatest passions? Whatever your answer may be, identifying your passions holds the key to recognizing your priorities, and helping you step back and realign your deepest desires to living a far higher quality of life.

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7 years ago

Thanks for a wonderful class, as always! Speaking of 3 passions, I would have to say that mine are (in no particular order) 1) Self Growth 2) The land of Israel 3) My children and husband. Hope to join an on site class soon, B”H. Shabbat shalom!

7 years ago

Loved this message Rabbi…and as one who is now closer to the other side than I would like to be, the alternative is not an option right now 🙂 I have too much to accomplish and to many grandchildren depending on me.

You asked about 3 passions…I actually had to really think about that as in the beginning when I first thought of that I was sad. I felt like I had become useless….nothing on my plate…but as I listened to you further…I thought well, what LIGHTS my passion?

1. Being with good friends who love sharing about the deeper things they have found in scripture and can heatedly discuss them without becoming mean and discounting anything I say because I’m a ‘woman’.

2. Laughing and playing with my grand children and sharing my life story with them, which they eat up like candy.

3. sharing with others what is important to me….especially helping them to see how rich and beautiful the Sabbath and the Feast Days are … even though we are not ‘Jewish’…..

Thank you for helping me ‘see’ this again. It renews the passion within!

your ‘friend’ of many years (since the beginning of your Elul book)

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