Timeless Parenting Principles from the Bible and Kabbalah

There are no parenting schools. So where and how do we learn to parent? We learn it 1) from our own mothers and fathers — we emulate how they parented us, and 2) above all we learn it on the job: When a couple is blessed with a child/children, trial and error and hard earned challenges, and their natural instincts — shaped by the attitudes we picked up from our parents — teaches them how to parent and educate, for better or for worse.

But how do we know whether our parenting methods are sound? And that we are not making serious errors in raising our children? Without schooling and with flawed parenting models, for all we know we may be perpetuating dysfunctional parenting skills? Without an objective parenting model, how can we know whether we are doing our best to bring up healthy children?

Would you be surprised to know that there is indeed a healthy time-tested paradigm of parenting — one that goes back thousands of years, and has been documented and implemented, and has produced generations of healthy children and adults. Let us call it The Spiritual Parenting Model — timeless parenting principles from the Bible and Kabbalah.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he presents, in his inimitable manner, this proven formula for raising wholesome, confident and actualized children, who can focus their lives not on fighting fear and insecurity, but on using their faculties and resources to grow and transform the world around them.


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