To See Through the Eyes of a Mystic – Pre-Tisha B’Av Workshop

As children — and even as adults — we are fascinated by x-ray vision: the ability to see through solid objects; to see things as they truly are, not as they appear to be . Whether stuff of fantasy — x-ray glasses, Superman’s x-ray vision, or modern technology – x-ray machines used in radiology or at airports — we are captivated by seeing the skeleton and inner workings of any given entity. From our youngest years we take things apart because we are intrigued to know what makes them tick.

Imagine if you would be able to look at yourself and everything around you with the eyes of a mystic — the eyes of someone who sees beneath the surface, beyond the facade, behind the curtain, someone who can perceive the internal forces that shape and define all phenomena; discerning the causes rather than just the symptoms. Imagine being able to see the DNA, the sub-atomic and cellular structure of existence.

This week, in the heat of the mournful Nine Days, we have the opportunity to do just that: Peer through the eyes of the greatest mystic in history — Rabbi Issac Luria, known as the Arizal — whose yahrzeit is on the 5th of Av.

Please join Rabbi SImon Jacobson in this literally eye-opening workshop and take a journey into the inner worlds of reality. Gaze through the eyes of the Arizal as depicted in his mystical works — and learn to see yourself, your relationships, and the world — everything — in a new way. With these “x-ray” eyes you will never again look at yourself and your experiences — even your fears and anxieties — in quite the same way.

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