What a Civilized Society Looks Like

How would you define civilization? Do you think that the standards for a civilized society have changed over the years? Would we consider, say, ancient Greece as civilized? How would they consider us?

Which words would you use to describe civilized: cultured, educated, ethical, enlightened, refined, sophisticated, advanced, or something else? Are there even objective values with which to measure civilization?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pre-Shavuot class as he presents a surprisingly new definition of civilized life based on the 3330-year old Sinai experience. Discover how this revolutionary event radically changed the universe and introduced the true meaning of a healthy civilization to the world. Learn how it offers us a blueprint for personal and global transformation and redemption.

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6 years ago

Dear Rabbi,
Thank you for the lesson, your words are gathered, aligned, and delivered to touch all hearts.

The Meaningful Life Center