What Is Health?

Question: You may have recently gone to the doctor for a check up and came back with the all-clear: Your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, and vitamin levels were all “normal”. But, do you feel healthy? Do you feel whole, at ease in the world, and able to stay present? Is there something missing?

You may have gone to an alternative practitioner to try to improve your “wellness,” and while the treatment (the massage, the reflexology, alternative modalities ad infinitum) felt good, and you felt a sense of ease and lightness, that state of tranquility didn’t last for long. Something was missing. What was that something?

Answer:  Kabbalah identifies the missing component — the gateway to feeling good beyond having properly functioning organs — as balance of spirit, body, and mind. Health is harmony beyond the physical. It is the balance of a human being in all aspects of life — physically, emotionally, in his or her character. A healthy spirit, marked by enthusiasm and a seamless lack of duplicity, is the key to a that sought-after state of wellness.

Spiritual wellness goes hand in hand with properly-practiced medicine and preventative self-care. Yet, most of us are far more aware of physical health and spiritual health. But your body’s health is optimal only when you also are nurturing your spirit — your purpose, your values, your vision. Medicine has a body and a soul. The body is the mechanics. The soul is the spirit within. The soul of medicine is channeling the healing energy of the soul into our bodies. To get the most out of medical treatments, we must work at the soul, not only the physical, level.


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