What is Intelligence? IQ vs EQ

What is intelligence? Human beings are considered to be the most intelligent of creatures; we value the mind, education, smart people… But as is often the case, we use a word without defining the axioms and assumptions that define the concept behind that word?

What exactly is intelligence? Is it IQ – the intelligent quotient , or is it EQ – the emotional quotient? Intellectual intelligence vs. emotional intelligence. Book smart vs. street smart. Knowledge vs. common sense. Facts vs. imagination.

We often see brilliant geniuses lacking basic life and people skills. And vice versa, those considered simple and yet capture people’s hearts and souls, at times taking the world by storm. So is intelligence really about brain power or is there something more to it? 

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this vital discussion about the very definition and nature of intelligence, and discover a whole new perspective on the role of the mind. 

Understanding the meaning and purpose of intellect, which affects each one of us — our choices, our children, our leaders, our academia, our universities — will influence how we think and our decision making process; it will help address cognitive dissonance and the schism between our ideals and values and our actions and behavior; and it will dramatically transform how we educate the next generation, which in turn will determine our destiny and future.

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Petra Hernandez
5 months ago

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Listening to you every night. Will write more soon. Thank you again. Petra

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