What is Your Deepest Secret? Lag B’Omer Workshop

We all have our secrets. We all have deep secrets. But what is your deepest secret of them all? Is it dark and shameful? A frightening skeleton hidden in the shadowy closet of your psyche? Or is your deepest secret bright and beautiful? One way to know is by asking yourself if you are comfortable sharing your innermost secrets. Some may argue, that our most private thoughts and feelings are forbidden by definition. Why else would they be hidden? Just ask good ol’ Sigmund. But is that true: Are our most concealed secrets ugly? This leads us to wonder what actually defines our core personalities: Are we at heart beasts or angels; selfish or noble? Left to our own recourse, if we were to let it all hang out and show our true faces and feelings, without fear of judgment and appearance, would we be proud of what would emerge? By no means is this a minor question; your answer could tell you all you need to know about your self-perception and self-esteem. What type of person are you if shame and negative self-image churn at the hub of your psyche? Does it cause you to have an element (or more) of self-loathing? And how does that shape your attitudes and choices? (We apologize for stirring up the dark cellar of the sub- or unconscious).

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this Lag B’Omer workshop and learn how this special day is actually the “birthday” of all secrets and mysteries. Discover how to access these innermost dimensions by probing the mystical teachings of the Rashbi, uncovering the mystical forces that shape all of existence — the cosmic and the personal, the macro and the micro, ultimately revealing your own deepest secrets — ones that you are most likely unaware of.

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