What Jews Really Think of Gentiles

What do Jews really think of gentiles?

With Jews in the news yet again, dominating headlines as they so often do — the war in Israel, rising antisemitism — all the big timeless questions rise to the surface: Why is the world so obsessed with Jews? What are the roots of antisemitism? Why are Jews hated so much by some people, and respected by others?

But a question that’s less often asked is the other way around: what do Jews really think about non-Jews? Ostensibly, one would naturally expect that the Jews developed tremendous fear, animosity and hate toward the nations of the world due to the sheer extent of Jewish persecution perpetrated over the millennia — expulsions, discrimination, violence, inquisitions, pogroms, and of course, the 20th century Holocaust. Can you imagine anyone not developing massive distrust of gentiles who have historically (with few exceptions) oppressed the Jews throughout history? Take the Holocaust, in which six million Jews were annihilated, with the world remaining mostly complicit through their silence.

But is that really true? Do Jews hate gentiles? Do they look down at them? Antisemitic literature and media would sure have you believe that. (The fabricated Protocols of the Elders of Zion — the  most notorious and widely distributed antisemitic publication of modern times — is one example). They cite Jewish texts, distorting them as derogatory quotes about non-Jews. But what is the meaning of some of these texts? And how about the concept of Jews being the “chosen people” — does that suggest that gentiles are inferior?

So what indeed is the true attitude of Jews to non-Jews? You may be surprised and even shocked by the answer.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and discover what Jews really think about non-Jews — very different from what you would expect. Learn some profound, counterintuitive truths, which will leave you with new and fresh hope, and a gameplan on how to build a unified and loving future — with harmony between all human beings, Jews, gentiles and all peoples of the world.

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Faith Walker
5 months ago

that was very interesting and enlightening. I do not know and am not familiar with the Jewish Faith. I have been mystified at how so many are accusing the Jewish people of committing genocide when in fact they are protecting themselves against those attacking them. I watch your talks regularly and have learned very much from you. Thank You. Love, and Light.

The Meaningful Life Center