When Freedom is Slavery

Freedom is one of our most cherished values. It is a monumental achievement of our times. The human aspiration for freedom, the desire to live as a free people, reflects the deepest longing of the soul, and is a vivid departure, standing in stark contrast to the days when monarchs and tyrants ruled.

But what does freedom truly mean? Is it merely the lack of physical confinement, the absence of bars and chains, or does it go beyond that? Consider this: In our contemporary world, we are surrounded by communication technologies designed to liberate and emancipate us. However, how many of us find ourselves entrapped and addicted to these gadgets? We live in an era of prosperity and unprecedented comforts, yet we grapple with more addictions than ever, be they physical, emotional, or psychological. Freedom, while a beautiful concept, also comes with its challenges. Even if we are free from external control, we may still find ourselves oppressed by forces that dominate us, like fear, insecurity, societal pressures to conform. We can be physically liberated and successful, but be psychologically enslaved.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson Join in this crucial pre-Passover discussion titled ‘When Freedom is Slavery’, and discover the true essence of freedom, and how to access it in our lives and relationships.

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