When Nothing is More than Something: Call from the Deep

Call from the Deep

We live in a world where people are becoming increasingly comfortable with the invisible. Whereas once upon a time we valued and trusted only that which we saw, heard, touched, tasted and smelled (our five senses) — and the invisible was relegated to matters of love, faith and spirit — today science, technology and medicine all testify to the unseen; driven by the microscopic and the ethereal. DNA. Subatomic particles. Quarks. Photons. Neurons. Quantum states. Wormholes. The basic building blocks of existence — that which shapes everything and everyone — are all intangible and imperceptible to our senses. Put another way: Size doesn’t matter that much today. In the past, power was defined by sheer numbers, strength and volume. The strongest army was the one with the most firepower, largest weapons and armies. Today, strength is determined by smart weapons and technology, nuclear, chemical and biological forces (whether illegal or not). A world once controlled by quantity is now controlled by quality. Take the computer or mobile phone: How large of a machine would you have needed to contain and compute so much information 50 years ago?! In the palm of your hand today you carry more data than building upon buildings filled with books.

But when was the invisible born? How far down does the rabbit hole go? How can we access it? What impact does it have on our personal lives and relationships?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this intriguing Vayikra workshop and discover the roots of invisible energy, and how it can change everything you do. One missing word in this week’s Torah portion — one glaring omission — opens up a new world for us, in which nothing is more than something. And when you access it, your life is transformed forever.

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