When Will We Stop Crying? The Deepest Love in the Throes of Suffering – Nine Days Workshop

With rockets continuing to be launched and sirens wailing into the Israeli night, with battles raging in Gaza and a comprehensive maze of intricate killer tunnels discovered under Israeli population centers, with the death toll rising and no end to the fighting in sight, with a hostile world, clamoring, criticizing and pressuring Israel — what is the present mood in the Holy Land? How are Jews handling the situation? What do the streets look like? And the biggest question: Where is all this going? As sad as it is, nothing is really new: Israel has been in a state of war for 66 years and under siege for close to 2000 years since the destruction of the Holy Temples which we commemorate during these Nine Days. What can we learn from this long history of embattlement? How have we thrived through it all, and how does that inform our present strategies?

Please join our very own Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he speaks to us on the ground in Israel, sharing his sights and insights. Yes, indeed, Rabbi Jacobson is presently in the Holy Land, and in his own words; “What better time to stand together with our brothers and sisters. People are thanking me for coming to Israel in this challenging time. I tell them all that in truth, I and Jews all over the world should be thanking them for standing strong on our behalf. We should be honoring the young soldiers of the IDF who are placing themselves at great risk defending Jews on a daily basis.” In this timely Israel/Nine Days Weeks workshop, broadcast under the shadows of the Old City of Jerusalem, Rabbi Jacobson addresses the dramatic events taking place there today and the lessons we all can and must glean from these days leading up to Tisha B’Av. Learn how these times allow us to discover the deepest love and strength, to stop crying once and for all.

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