When You Feel Discouraged, Get to Know Yourself

When you feel jaded, discouraged, or beaten-down, it is hard to maintain momentum in your endeavors. One sure way to get your spark back is to get to know yourself. Join best-selling author and counselor-to-thousands Rabbi Simon Jacobson for an inspiring two-minute video on why getting to know your true self will give you the energy to persist. Everything you need is inside you — you just need to access it.

This is an excerpt from: How to Protect Yourself from Negativity

Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
The Kabbalah of Existential Loneliness
Wednesday, April 10, 2024 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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Dianne Couldry
3 years ago

Dear Rabbi Jacobson,

I have watched you for many months. Many times I feel strengthened by your words. Today, I was feeling very alone and unnecessary. Your message was just right for where I found myself. Thank you for compassionately challenging me to place my eyes and heart where they belong.


lotty Blok
3 months ago

Your message seems to be clear. Okay, right that a human is not the outer situation (or memory’s). To know about outer can be as cruel for live/individue, it is as different theme of attention. It is posseble that the person with reject to repair inner unbalance create itself as vulnarable. There is maybe who use the vulnarable for own goal. To be aware about inner G’d gift is connect to loveling, eyevieuw. Gift as thinking isn’t better than the gift to feel the feelings an have own destination. Desire love (safe) need good care. About theme the heart cries, current is it okay to see this an stay in kindness for own proceed in live……..an by this, i hope that everyone get the chance to know, experience what a realy human is, from out this (holy) moment. To have the good looking for fall down give also the power to learn stand up again (said someone to me, years ago)………warm greet from me to you an thank you, rabbi.

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