Your Soul Workout Journal – 01/10/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

The Fire of the Soul is Our Greatest Asset
My Objectifs 2020
My body look better, that not completely done. I took X-ray yesterday and I will go to see the Chiropractor today just before to go to the Rock temple. I do little money Saturday and Sunday with Frozen costume & Portrait on Hollywood Boulevard.
I wait for an Appeal, I went to the Channing Tatum house without is permission and I din’t understand I was an appointment a the court few month ago. That cause me stress to wait for that because I have difficulty to do my schedule and fixe my objectives in the time. I don’t want to lived California before my appeal and I need to confirm my feeling for “Music & Klaxons Channing”. I know I’m not crazy, so I will fight to proof that.
My goal:
If I can do enough money to be able to come back in a studio to do again the movement adapt to a big stage; I will come back Montreal after the appeal. So I will be probably ready for next summer.
My first idea was to work for Magic Mike “Music Channing”
My B plan: a list of more than ten company. I will see the answer.

What I can do before Appeal:
Short term: 1 to 2 month

2 time to 1 time by month Chiropractor
2 times to 3 times by month acupuncture or/ massotherapie.
Between 180$ and 200$ for medical purpose.

Performance Aerial Straps
Caracters: Pheonix
Music: Choose between Canon Pachembelle or 4 saisons de Vivaldi
Mision: Talk about Grow-up after Broken; Renew; Born Again
Love One, Love me, Love my husband
Adapt the technical movement to the music & Characters.
Work on my facial expression

Think about a new Costume Pheonix : Blue-white and Diamond
Think about the projection (winter to spring) in the back ground

Song Pheonix
Be able to present a song 2 min before my aerial performance
Mision: Talk about Grow-up after Broken; Renew; Born Again
Love One, Love me, Love my husband
Work on my facial expression and mouvement

Painting Production
Complete the details of the 9 sketches for the 9 futures painting
Properly write the 9 poems
Complete the sketches of the socle, found the name, the purpose and way of my Statue
Found my artist name; Signature: I’m so confuse!
Evaluate the time to do 9 painting and the size of the painting

Music- Hobby
I have now 3 and a half song
I would love to complete 4 song with emotions
I would love to found the music Imagination before 2 Month.
I don’t know my goal for that; I love song; Found a goal

Actor and Personal Work- Hobby

Control of Emotion
Memories (Alzheimer)

Actor emotion:
I’m now able to cry when I think about my cat “King Lover” “Lovy” and by the way found a way to be happy fast. That create an automatic reaction when I cry for event in my life.
Work on the emotion: Get upset!
Work on the emotion on my songs
Memories text and my song

I’m Jew and Chretien
I will still go to the synagogue because I need to have contact with people love to read the same thing than me.
I want to learn more about Jew festival
I want to learn 1 basic priest pertinent when I go to the synagogue
I need to put a dead line for my 3 books
I want to begin more seriously my 60 Days book
I need 1 day rest and 1\2 day study and organization life.
I need to found my priority in Religion


I need to confirm “Music”- Appeal; Because Music without body; that not ONE. ONE is GOD and GOD is LOVE.

I’m out of the system! Fixe the situation

Found long-term objectives:

Have a children an two years with a husband; Otherwise no.


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