Your Soul Workout Journal – 03/08/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

Three Inspirational Thoughts for Tuesday Mornings: This is such an amazing question because my work is by computer – I’m hoping to add to this with music and piano. Just telling myself that I’m making all efforts to do a complete and accurate job and not just get by is valuable – people rely on my work and I want it to be honorable. I have to be honest in my business dealings. and the money I get for this – I give a percentage to ma’aser. What about my interactions with the people in Starbucks or wherever else I’m working? I certainly can be softer if someone is on their cellphone, not get so frustrated if a decent table is unavailable, not freak out if the computer isn’t working. These are chances for me to develop a good eye, compassion and favorable judgment for others, patience, and the recognition that there are other people in the world – fortunately! – that is – don’t be so selfish!! : ) and that’s not who I am. it’s all about frustration not being where you really want to be. but I can be truly grateful for where I am now and working towards. My job is honorable, dignified, tznius – and I have flexible hours. that’s great!! a little treat (with a brocha) also helps! and I can take a break by reading a Torah thought! let’s change the messages that I’m giving to myself – instead of profanity if there’s no seat – what about – “this is a chance for me to develop patience, maybe sit at a table with someone and interact a little bit, maybe a better seat will pop up, and I’m thankful I’m able to drive here – walk in the cafe – and have a job!!” : ) 🙂 don’t let frustrations change who you really are!!


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