Your Soul Workout Journal – 03/08/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

What to do when things fall apart: what about when Dad had his stroke and passed on? I had a reserve of inner strength and the courage to be by his bedside as his Neshama was leaving his body. I can’t say that I handled everything as I should have – there were frustrations with being in New Milford and wanting to move on. But after Dad passed on I made a decision to stay in the USA and not go back to Israel so I’m not thousands of miles from her. And I took stock and decided that now that I’m writing for Westlaw I can create the space to pursue my music. So the process was for me to grieve what occurred; to face with strength, compassion, and giving what I could do for Dad in his state and how I could give to Mom; to draw from within me the self confidence and self love I needed – or to see where I was lacking there – in light of Jan’s bitterly nasty treatment of me; and to stop and decide that it was time for me to fulfill my dreams of music. And now Mom is frum and I’ve been accepted to 3 prominent schools in NYC! I have a long way to go but this is part of my journey.


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