Your Soul Workout Journal – 04/15/2022


Your Soul Workout Journal

1. Shame: I Giving up my room for a room in a free homeless shelter at the Chainon whre I contracted COVID-19 and I was isolated in a stade during my apeel: After freezing during my appeal, whre I not having presented to the judge of Californie my projects; I made a hunger strike at YUL airport for 5 days. A working collegue has brought me to the Jewish hospital where I think I have been over medicamente and isolate for incomprehensible reasons. I preferred to stay at the hospital when I could have had my freedom. Being imprisoned as crazy, signing a document attesting that I was bipolar when I don’t think I’m bipolar or I’m not sure for ridiculus mountly more money. I followed a man on my Instagram pretending to be Channing Tatum, I tried to meet him at St Hyacynte. The evening I thought he was going to go back to the POOL where I was waiting for him, for fear of, again not having a place to sleep, as the day before; Having followed teenage drugs and having let one of them massage me. Breaking into a hotel, sleeping on a couch. Stalking a stranger and turning into their closet, not leaving the moment I knew he was doing illegal drugs. Eating chili with non-kosher meat rather than trying to confirm doubt one last time. . Having contacted Victor while Channing had made a DOG film for me. Hanging out in shelters with my bags like an itinerant and in the streets of St-hyacinte. vomiting in a toilet. To have slept in front of the Mc-donald. To have spent 45 min in the depaneur. Having co-led with a potential fraudster and telling him I love you when I wasn’t sure of his identity. I told about suicid and come back to the jewich hospital. I’ve got a guard on me for another 30 days. I’ve been out of practice for three months. I over eat and I have more than 10 pounds to lose, I already lost 8 pounds.A 25-year-old is interested in me, I am not interested but I do not block him totally out of sadness, loneliness while I talk to him about Channing Tatum. I did not leave the hospital to be transferred as I think the car klaxons would suggest to me because I am afraid to be abandoned, because I spent nights in the street near the DOLLYS where I was waiting for Channing Tatum. God doesn’t want my dignity to be affected for anyone. However here my deep intuitions are suppressed and I am not left benign of doubt that Channing Tatum might actually be interested in me.


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