Your Soul Workout Journal – 05/13/2021


Your Soul Workout Journal

I feel a lack of joy. I reactivate activities for not fall inactivity. I found what I’ m able to create beautiful, but I realy feel a form of loneless that drive me sad. Sometime I don’t understand how a person do nervous crises can create something so calm. I studied my jewish law & festival this morning. I think about to pray and to go in botanica garden during the day tomorrow.

I feel sometime like if some people preffer to see someone broken in front of them than someone fell good, do amazing, gentle and innocent creation. Like if that can calm the jealousy ( maybe) of someone to think I’m *protituate* *bad to educate child* * stupid**criminal* *materials* * physical but not strong mentally or spiritually* * irresponsible* *menteuse**paresseuse** no personality* * cocainomane** boulimic**Crazy**infidel** not integre*

I also feel jugement about the person I decide to follow and love, that drive me sad; It’s my personnal life! People who judge never did anything for me until I was looking like an elite athlete and they will do nothing for me if I will fall in depression; I feel like they do some immitation of who I decided to following, but they never took time to discover by themself what attract me! I dont understand? They whant to protect me, of what exactlytly!? They whant me or they dont want light on my life in Montreal before America? I think to much that drive me sad…really sad….need to blow the sophar.


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