Your Soul Workout Journal – 05/16/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

overcoming our differences, we could finally merge: want the same things & do them! in many ways, I think we do have an ideal relationship because we share so many values & enjoy doing lots of things together. we have learned to identify what is important to each of us & come up with a possibility that satisfies both of our needs even though it is not what each of us wanted in the beginning but something slightly different. there are still many areas to improve: my husband’s refusal to let me get a license & my need to do so; my need for a common bed & my husband’s absolute resistance to that; my wish to travel abroad & my husband’s outright moral denial of a justification for such a trip. unity would also mean that I can accept his many “no’s” without letting it frustrate me, without harboring the hope that one day he will finally say “yes”, accepting what is right now. unity would mean using our money freely to spend on little things that make our lives better, such as an evening out, better quality equipment for different things we do. Unity means acceptance of each other’s wishes, dreams, limitations. we can work on a better relationship with each other as we work on having a better relationship with Hashem who, after all, makes many demands on us and at the same time puts tons of restrictions on us.


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