Your Soul Workout Journal – 06/06/2021


Your Soul Workout Journal

I’m tired, my level concentration is not good, my level of stress is to hight. I was a little bit sick yesterday, cry, sleep all the day, talk alone but not get upset. No motivation to look movie, jews history or even childreen movies. The travel bus is to long, the travel I used changed, now the bus I tooking passes directly in front of an hospital! I worked on my art project this morning, that beautiful, that can be great. I feel alone, I’m tired about the doutp never solve, I always wait for an answer of the california court. I would like to know, understand what the psychiatrist, the mission where I lived and mrs.Muscrove really told to the judge. Why I never received my second cobvocation in the shelter, why Channing Tatum did nothing for help a stranger in the time of a pandemic situation? Why nobody informed him of my situation or why he did nothing. That have no sens for me! I always have the impression someone follow me, the advices had not always sens, that sound come from an insecure jealous person who want to protect is reputation. That sound he want to destroyed me or tane me like a fucking circus animal. I hate that jugmental attidude from man doesn’t know or respect my russian coach. I hate to feel in prison, I hate the sound in my room, the 4, the competition I was put in without consenting, I hate the doupt waiting for an answer of the california court. I hate all of that, I’m tired, tired, I creating something beautiful, I always work hard and now I ‘m just excausting to be alone with some sound in my room. That drive me sick, that stress me, that isole me.


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