Your Soul Workout Journal – 07/24/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

Yesterday, I saw Hamidou Adamu Tanko facing me while walking. He was taller as his height surprised me. He was 7 meters tall.
I had vision seeing 4 people who have been trying to hold me down. And do bad to my life. Mr. Mba Martin; Ndanda David; Kapseu Marinnette; a houdou or voudou priest , colomen in new Orleans.
Meanwhile, when I finished my exercise while I was on bed, a voice from within says: your are a Traveller, or something like, I would be great.
Yesterday too, I called the chief Investigator: Mboro Francois in Cameroon and told him to look at the email: Pierre Bomeya sent me in 2018 on the month of January,: on that email, he says my money would be deposited into my bank account. investigator, Francois Mboro told me he is trying to reach Hamidou but he is hiding.
I am almost homeless with no job. My only income now is through welfare of 300$ a month.
I have hope that my 60 Trillions CFA currency would be found and reversed back to me directly in the USA so I can travel to Cameroon to build rice mill and do good farming there too. That was the purpose of that loan of 60 Trillions CFA currency.


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