Your Soul Workout Journal – 07/28/2017


Your Soul Workout Journal

Question One: In three words, describe your personality: Outgoing/Friendly, Interested, Intense
Question Two: List five of your most dominant interests: Art & Creativity, Storytelling/Writing/Naming, Health, Spirituality, Food
Question Three: Describe your character, including your virtues, vices, strengths, and weaknesses.: Integrity, Caring, Anxiety/Worry, Easily stressed & overwhelmed, Generous, Loving, Loyal, Responsible (sometimes to a fault)
Question Four: List the past four opportunities that opened doors for you. Who faciliated those opportunities? LinkedIn (me), AIGA (Taylor/Amy/Lenny), Ann Mooney/Kathy Evans/Ally McEwan, Aniko
Question Five: In the coming year, what opportunities would you like to have open to you? More brand identity and naming at high levels; teaching my naming workshop and speaking; coaching & mentoring; merging art & story; painting
Question Six: Who are the people who you most often deal with? List the greatest joy(s) and the greatest challenge(s) in dealing with them: family (very difficult); friends: mostly joy; clients: mostly positive
Question Seven: If you have a mentor, describe what you admire about your mentor. If you do not yet have a mentor, describe what qualities you’d like your mentor to have — qualities which you would like to emulate.
Question Eight: List the places where you have lived. What possibilities did each place offer you?

Question Nine: List the places where you have traveled to. You can list just the ones that had a clear effect on you, or all of them. In each place, what changed in you as a result of your visit? What did visiting each place teach you?

The next step is to review your answers with a trusted friend or mentor. What conclusions about your life’s mission can you draw? Where have you been in life, and where do you want to go in life? Your answers to the nine questions above should give you a picture of what you can contribute to the world — what you can contribute to your community, to your friends and family, to your work. Look out for the unique life experiences that have shaped you, as well as what future experiences you would like to have. Your purpose in life will emerge from reviewing your answers.


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