Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/15/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul 4.
Freedom is G.d/ Inside Us
Dogma Oppressive=
Man made trap/ Control/ Slavery

I saw oppression when exploitation is is excuse or tolerate because people didn’t belief to the main religion.

If I put a man like a G.d, I will be not able to accept “human mistake” & my “own mistake”.

I can work on a project with a good/ Godly and peaceful intention but I always need to keep an eye on G.d to don’t put my own injury/ vengeance/ insecurity inside my project.

An human with human intention will built on his on image if is not under G.d and his mind will be reflect on all is creation: Product/ Rules/ Employers
A creation built under G.d will be the reflection of perfection.


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