Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/17/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul 8.
Create Love
I’m for my beloved & my beloved is for me.
Open for G.d the eye of a needle & I will open for you the most expensive corridors of the Great Hall.

Take initiative for G.d:
Share my Love Belief on Facebook.
Create wish cards: I love you
( I already share my beliefs on Facebook, I try to complete a project to save the Arctic world but I did a mistake; the project is broke & I work to rebuilt them better. still work on my aerial project connect to nature & renewal)

Doubt to resolve:
I don’t know the owner of the house & he didn’t recognize me. I can try to buy an apple phone and try to applied “raya” app. Maybe they will select me, maybe he will contact me. He was the possibility to respond to the brief before to go to the court of appeal but he didnt do that.
I have only 100 $, I will come back canada august 28. I decide to buy this phone only if I’ m sure to be able to pay my basic need; that will be like to play all my money on a lotteries & that crazy.

So I need to stay strong on who I want to be & focus on my purpose, the unity with G.d.
I also need to respect all the human rules to be perfectly clean in front of the law. I need to explain my need & ask permission or found an honest way to obtain what I need the time I will be in this place & outside.


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