Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/19/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

Each time I find my muscles stock, I try to exercise over that place by stretching its and put my hands on that area of muscles.
Today I do the dot exercise. I draw a circle around the dot. While looking inside the circle 3 times, I see inside that circle 3 different things each time I round my eyes around the circle. First round at looking inside the circle. I saw blood ritual done on me. I saw different animal sacrifice: chicken blood, birth blood, goat blood, I saw a lock and a knife. All of these tools with blood were throwing on the growth. On a second round; I see a group of people gathering to make a plan against me probably to kill me.. Money given to them in cash. 3rd round in the circle, I saw how the angels surround me with a white clothes.


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