Your Soul Workout Journal – 08/27/2019


Your Soul Workout Journal

Module 3:
I was born in Douala,Cameroon. have passion doing politics but realized that i need to go abroad to see how politics are rung from outside as it affects us, us African.
While in college, i was failing to move from next grade in school and wasn’t lucky enough to pass exam, but was doing good in school.
In school, i was already involved in politics. I organized rally protesting against the regime and the school administration when they failed to pay salary to teachers. My late father sent to me to French to go to college which was in one hand protecting me, for fear that i could be killed during protest as i was always on the front. Raise in a family where father have more than one wife with my mother being the first wife, i get people jealous at me since i was on my mother belly. My dad noticed that and sent me to study outside of his sight; thus i was raised by different family; uncle, a brother of my father, who 40 years later his poison him. and his will had never been found and my brother, ndanga tchouta collince, never came to my father funeral because at the moment my father died, Collince’s passport was stolen and he couldn’t travel to see his father body and while he was going to be buried. I did attain the funeral and was almost killed by traditional practice. I was skeleton of a head of someone showing me his teeth at night in Cameroon a day before the body of my late father was taken from the funeral home. Thus war is just the beginning. I have tool at my disposal that would shame to my adversaries including the mother of annie djampou a girl who failed in love with me seven years ago, but her mother for some reasons and others didnt want us to be together or it is my uncle, Ndanga David ,who is doing everything together to prevent me to get as many offprint as possible?
My happy place would be Cameroon and Africa where i would enjoy my life, transform the life of other people who are working for me.,
It is my dream to connect with business agriculture magnac around the world so we can create the food to feed the hungry at affordable place. But to start, i need to get my money that was stolen back even partially from Chantal Vigouroux and others, wire to my US Bank account here then i would order machine that clean rice and other crops
My place to be is Cameroon because my company can do the job that foreign company does, my company can build roads, high way, and many affordable housings for low income people as the financing is there. I have to travel to Asia to get a dealer licence with top manufacturers, such as komatsu, caterpilar, BOMAG , Volvo to represent them in Cameroon, and Africa country.
My unte had helped hidde when i was travelling to France because ennemies were looking after me to kill me so that i don’t travel. Finally, the opportunities are there, i just need to rassemble them and make them work for me and forever.
5: Hidden ; Passion
I am passionate about:
Politics and business therefore, i wan to become a businessman and a politician. A businessman like uber’s ower who in less than three years became a multi billionaire. I think with that in mind, i could develop my farming business and produce every dairy product and have similar transport to deliver at home just like uber does. or just like amazon does.
I am passionate about spiritually there i want to belong to fraternities both poltics and business therefore open lodges in African and recruit family member, and political member of my political party, i do want to create my political party


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