Your Soul Workout Journal – 09/05/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul. 15
We can only see what we can recognize in us. We recognize reflection of ourselves. Many of us are cynical because they don’t believe that possible because they never met anyone holy & that not part of their own experience.

I know the feeling to be cynical in front of purity, but I didn’t had sexual relations for two years; so I lost that.
The memories of my past/ the environment where I live & where I need to fight to explain my beliefs or needs affect/ block my capacity to be holly or that can create a reverse processus; I can became more strict on my own principles. I know the effect of a group/community who see as usual something judge impossible for the majority: Circus is a good example. So the “impossible” became a part of the daily routine like the “holy” can be a normal way normal way to live.

In that shark world holy look sometime like “innocent” close to “stupid”; Not to be able to recognize the lying, the cheater, the exploiting, the thief, the lazy can be dangerous, because the “innocent” ” me” can talk to much and can give power on my life to criminal with or without “statut” or “costumes”.

But like I read before, that possible to see under the mask and to recognize the holy person by their aura; That probably a gift of G.d to protect the people close to him. I was sick, I was blind and my past memories pushed me to follow what I recognized, even that was not the right way to choose to be Holly; because I was following the reflection of my past.

I hope that will be better.


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