Your Soul Workout Journal – 09/11/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul. 19
Moses: You created human beings as….to make mistakes. You must create a way….to repair these mistakes.
G.d: For every actions there is a reactions.
Moses: I’m asking you to crack open just a door.
That Door: “Gate of Tears”
Tears are like the spout on a kettle that allows internal pressure out. They have the power to pry open any door.
“Tears bathe the soul”
Create Sincerity: They wash away the muck that obscures our “True” essence.

I listened more & gave more power on my life on external voices than the voice of G.d:
Actions: I decide to begin to take 15 min at the end of the day, 6 days by weeks, to pray more with my heart.
I forget inside my insecurity to take care about the people who love me: my friends.
Actions: Steps by Steps I contact my friends; I write them “I love you of the week” , each week.

I do the judicially processus to be able to ask forgiveness to the actor Chaning Tatum.


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