Your Soul Workout Journal – 09/12/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul. 20

We’ve all been broken in one way or another; People react different; Devastated or Grow because of it.
More Broken you are more whole you become.
The Strom just revealed the strength of a Tree.
Jews pray at a broken wall because Jews know that this isn’t a perfect world. Perfect edifices is an illusions. Whose job is to mend what is broken.


Incomprehension to the man I choose to love and to follow to be able to forgot the man who brake my ❤ , two years ago, because he was insensitive to my tears and emotional needs.

Lost of the comprehension of my sister.

Social / Buisness / Religions
Lost of Confident in religious leaders
Lost of Confident in therapists doctors
Lost of Confident in psychologists
Lost of Confident in employers
Lost of Confident on my Arts products
Physical injury
Lost of an in light Goal precise.
Lost of Confident on my own judgment
Lost contacts with my olds friends
Lost of trust of “disinterests” acts to help me.
Lost of Confident of “disinterests” help-organizations.
Difficulty to do money with my Arts
Work for ridiculous advantages.
Disappear in the life of my friends
Difficulty to create links with people.
Shame and incomprehension of my own situation.

G.d told me to forgive and Stop to live in places where I constantly need to fight to respect my life chooses.

To see the beautiful of his world and pray in front of a Broken Wall. To understand I’m not alone to be broke; even if the people put a perfect mask that impressed me.

To simply work to protect his creations. He love my projects; Just do it; Listen his voice; I knew people was gave me signs of they reals intentions; I just decided to be blind & used the skills they was able to give me to progress, but in a certain way; I lose time or regressed.

Jesus told us: seek and you will find. Ask and we will give you. Remove dust from your clothes in places that reject your message and move on. Jesus was a Jew and never denied it to me.


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