Your Soul Workout Journal – 09/22/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul. 23
To ask pardon: I’m sorry for what I did; I sincerely regret having done it, and I will never do it again.

My mother, my sisters asking me for forgiveness.
I Forgive:
My mother.
My sister but I don’t always understand her.
My father; My past had consequences on my chooses.
The men I put in my life; I forgot them; my past had consequences on my choses. I want completly change the way I build my relation with a man.
My friends; I want to selected friends who beliefs an me and want to fight for the same goals.
The spychiatric doctors and sports therapists doctors: I prefer to think they was not enough knowledge to help me and they didn’t had idea to profif of my conditions.
I hurt the men I ignore because I didnt was interest but an a others way, I told them the true.

Channing Tatum: I will asked for forgiveness to the court of California to be stayed ten days
in his house without permission.

My friends: I disapeared without signs of love for many years. I contacted my old friends and try to built again a relation event I feel insecure to talk about my situation.


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