Your Soul Workout Journal – 09/23/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul 24.
The Greatest secret if life, the Key to repairing whatever is broken;
13. Petales of Rose
13. Attributes of Compassion

1. Almighty “Tout Puissant”
2. Compassionate
3. Gracious ” Charmant/ Courtois”
4. Slow to Anger
5. Abundant in kindness
6. Truth
7. Keeper of Kindness for Thousand of Generation.
8. Endurer Iniquity
9. Endurer Transgression
10. Endurer Sin
11. Cleanser ( of those who repend)

I will write in my testimonial an preparation to my Oral Argument on the 6 October:
I thank all the organisations ( Shelter) that allowed me to stay and feed more than 10 months in California. I was able to complete my legal file with the help of a lawyer clinic free, so I could ask for my forgiveness to Channing Tatum


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