Your Soul Workout Journal – 10/14/2020


Your Soul Workout Journal

Elul 27.
Abraham “know” that was the right thing to do. Abraham stop to pray to help a stranger.
The higher level experience with G.d is defined by selflessness; by doing for others. When you love G.d, you will love other people more.

I don’t want to create a stress on the person had read my text yesterday: I look my alimentation and I had a carence an Iron because my consomation of black cacao & thea absorb iron in my body. It’s my responsibility to adapt my alimentation.

That what I feel; when I stop to looking for G.d, my life lost direction; I became sick and I didn’t found sens to my relation and actions. To give more compassion to other everyday in each of my actions I will do everything I can to fuel my body with products who walk with unity with the ground: I will buy biologic food, I will buy less but buy products drive a sens for me an respect with the creation.

Life note:
I looked again the “instagram”personal page Channing Tatum yesterday; Look like an automatic habit; Until the decision of the court that a priority to stop and found an other way to found informations; The door is still open but I need to put my goal on something will survive and grow for me without him. Otherwise I will be destroy on a human reject.


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